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The Need

India is a country with several contradictions in the context of development with 25% of the its citizens contributing over 16% of GDP and nearly 700 million living on less than 2$ a day. There are millions of NGOs trying to make a difference and to bridge this gap. But these NGOs lack the right Fundraising skills and are not aware of all nuances of fundraising. Fundraising is the gentle art of asking for financial support for a cause as well as broadening the supporter base by involving the donor actively with the cause. There are many aspects that need to be explored, understood and applied and this art can be mastered only through proper training and application.

Fundraising in India today needs to also increasingly focus on non- traditional /non-institutional sources since the bilaterals and multilaterals are evidently and gradually reducing their focus on India.

Skills required in the non-traditional fundraising are not at present vastly available among the Development professionals. One needs to source this from the marketing and communication (media) professionals. However, a contextualization (local culture, breaking-down) is required with the ethos and ethics of the development sector. This is what is offered by iCODEVGURUKUL.

Currently, many trainings are being organized for the development sector. International experts are flown in to train people in Fundraising but there are major gaps in trainings of this nature:

  • these experts lack a proper understanding of the Indian context.
  • these workshops are based only on theory and training, and
  • these trainers have never practiced the skills demanded by the current Fundraising scenario i.e.
  • brand building
  • event management
  • social communications
  • fundraising strategy
  • cause related marketing or
  • any other fundraising proficiency

In short, people attending these workshops are also trained for short-term mercenary fundraising and not taught the art of involving people to understand the cause and become holistic supporters for the long term.

Fundraising in India and the development sector needs to be trained by people who are working hands- on in this scenario. Only such people are capable of understanding the issues and training and mentoring others to tackle the issues in the right manner.

iCONGO and Skillshare are filling up this gap by starting “iCODEVGURUKUL” with practical and critical pedagogy where GURUs, who are practical hands - on managers and well versed with successful theories/ concepts related to the subject, teach various techniques for fundraising and involving people in a holistic manner, by developing a credible ecosystem for an organisation and the development sector. Over the past 8 years the founders of iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO have been training and mentoring various NGO leaders and fundraisers for creating fundraising strategies and also handholding them for implementation. Workshops have been conducted over weekends at the behest of various rural and urban NGO/ CBO networks and over 10,000 NGO & Development leaders have been trained at various levels .

iCODEVGURUKUL is a partnership between iCONGO and Skillshare International India. Skillshare is bringing its long experience of mentoring small grassroot organisations – NGOs and CBOs into this initiative. Skillshare’s proximity with the fund raising challenges faced by the Indian NGOs will be mixed strategically with that of iCONGO’s long standing experience in the field of training, marketing and media to offer several packages or differentiators listed below.