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Past Workshops

Planning, Selling and Managing fundraising events

iCODEVGURUKUL organizes the First Practical Fundraising Workshop with specialist Gurus who work hands-on to plan, conceptualize, sell and manage high profile events. Based on Feedback from Fundraisers and Development Professionals we at iCONGO, as a first, bring to you a Workshop with real gurus and practitioners who will not only give you theoretical gyan, but will give you 360 degree solutions and show you how its done with practical experiences. This shall also be a good forum to build relationships with the gurus and people from various sectors, share ideas and forge alliances to plan fundraising events & campaigns as joint ventures. To top it, as a first, all fundraisers and delegates from NGOs shall be given handholding and assistance by iCONGO to develop a strategy for a successful fundraising event for their organisations

Fundraising & Communications Training

This workshop is designed to support Fundraisers, CSR Heads, Social Communications Professionals, NGO Directors, Brand Managers,Event Managers & others who are inclined towards organizing fundraising events & functionaries of NGOs from Maharashtra & Mumbai.

Real Time Learning for Fundraising and communication with 360 degree solutions, from Specialist Gurus who have Hands On Experience plus Theoretical and Practical Knowledge.

This shall also be a good Forum to build relationships with the Gurus and people from various sectors, share ideas and forge alliances. To top it, as a first, all Fundraisers and delegates fronm NGos shall be given Handholding & Assistance by iCONGO for developing a Successful Fundraising Strategy.

Leadership Development

Our dynamic and turbulent world places huge demands on people in leadership roles. To be a leader in our increasingly pressured and complex world requires a combination of confidence, skill and personal vision. Our leadership development work aims to develop the ability of leaders to provide effective strategic direction and support to their organisations and the wider society.

  • Build your confidence and skills as a leader
  • Develop a systematic approach to improvement and innovation
  • Deliver organisational transformation

Corporate Social Responsibility & Cause Related Marketing

An informal interactive workshop inviting the participants to share their own insights and experiences to learn from each other, highlighting the business benefits at being a responsible business.

Workshop focus on the following:

  • Definition of CSR and CRM for your business
  • Stakeholder Strategy
  • How CRM makes a huge difference to Brand Building with less Marketing Budget
  • A simple model comparing and contrasting India, US and UK