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Partnership Model

Our endeavour is to reach out with the right training tools to as many Fundraisers as possible. For this we have developed a Partnership model, whereby we partner with organisations, NGOs/CBOs to conduct our workshops in their region.

Standard Partnership Terms

We would be glad to collaborate with your organisation to conduct an annual iCODEVGURUKUL- specialist mentoring in development workshop in your city for your region. The terms for the association are as outlined below-

iCODEVGURUKUL Responsibilities

  • Planning the workshop in terms of taking care of the course charter, agenda and resource people.
  • Doing one email blast, 30 days prior to the workshop, to our database
  • Putting up the information at our media portal and websites.
  • Helping and supporting your team to work on strategy for outreach and enrolling participants.
  • Providing the creative for the email blast with partners logo and contact details.

JV Partner Responsibilities

  • Manage logistics ( venue*, catering, stationary*, projector system, videographer) and bear initial expenses (of booking a venue and hiring equipment)
  • Do an outreach in your city to register participants through phone calls and one on one meeting.
  • Managing partnerships/ sponsors in your city

In case you are interested in organising a workshop in your city, in partnership with iCODEVGURUKUL, please contact to become our Regional Partners