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In India there is no sense of pride amongst fundraisers. We at iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO have been instilling that pride in people as fundraising is not about going out with a begging bowl or just about asking for money or funds. Fundraising is a highly noble and difficult vocation. To be a fundraiser one needs to thoroughly know, understand & internalize the cause we espouse, with a high level of passion & commitment that warms the hearts of people, overwhelms & inspires them to get involved with the cause and Be the Change. We at iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO, preach that Fundraising is not about money, honey. We say this as anyone who thinks fundraising is about money is missing half the point. Fundraising is about creating involvement and replicating one's passion and commitment in others to become committed supporters for our cause. This is what we have been instilling in fundraisers and people working in development over the years and many have achieved success in their vocation and duties after adopting this.

Over the years various people who have been mentored by iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO are now in senior management positions with UN bodies, Rotary International, INGOs and grassroots organisations and are applying the knowledge they acquired to create impactful development. Various people ranging from junior fundraisers from grassroots organisations to Dalit leaders, senior managers from INGOs and UN organisations globally to CSR heads from MNC foundations have learnt through iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO specialist mentoring in development and have become more empowered for effective & efficient management.

Skillshare and iCONGO created iCODEVGURUKUL with a vision to create a more efficient and committed workforce with special mentoring & leadership developments in the people sector, where we don't work in jobs but embrace this as our calling, duty and vocation. Various mentees who have been empowered by iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO have become our ambassadors to further spread the message of long & lasting change with, efficient, effective and impactful development governance.

iCODEVGURUKUL, Skillshare & iCONGO have :-

  • Conducted special focused workshops for NGO leaders of large Non profits/ CBO networks and CSR foundations in India and overseas, to help them create their mission/vision/ grant making and country strategies.
  • Created cutting edge Cause Related Marketing campaigns for various brands. We also specialize in creating BOP/ Blue Ocean Strategies for companies and have done work with various MNCS to help them formulate winning strategies.
  • Conducted lecture session on ethics & values, social entrepreneurship, CSR, social marketing & communications and BOP/ Blue Ocean strategies for B-schools & colleges.

For an exclusive workshop for your organisation please write to Ms. Meenu Chopra at or Ms.Kim Maria Misao at