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  • We teach the basic foundation that “fundraising is not just about MONEY, HONEY!!” (as is misunderstood by most in India). It is about developing a credible ecosystem to involve people for the cause. In fact, most mature fundraising countries term fundraising as DEVELOMENT and fundraisers are called DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONALS, because PEOPLE IN FUNDRAISING are NOBLE PROFESSIONALS who DEVELOP a community movement for addressing any cause. We impart practical fundraising development led techniques that work in the Indian ecosystem.
  • We get trainers who are real time practitioners and understand the challenges associated through years of experience.
  • Post Workshop, strategic support and handholding (on request) for implementation of the skills learnt through our workshops (on request).
  • Enrolment in the iCODEVGURUKUL alumni forum. The alumni forum will be an online forum which will be a common support point for all the alumni to exchange views, get mentored and forge partnerships. All alumni will also get special bursaries for all iCODEVGURUKUL workshops.