About us

iCODEVGURUKUL is the acronym for "iCONGO’s Development Gurukul" created in partnership with Skillshare International-India. Apropos the ancient wisdom, GURUKUL means that the GURU (Mentor) is always available and has close proximity to the SHISHYAS (mentees), where they work together as equals for fulfilling the greater purpose of life.

Upcoming Workshop

First Gurukul 3 Day Fundraising Congress to explore the nuances of Fundraising. It will help the development professionals to master the art of involving people to understand the cause and become holistic supporters for the long term and give a deeper understanding of the true and holistic meaning of Fundraising.

Past Workshops

iCODEVGURUKUL has already conducted various workshops & discourses on ethics & values, the philosophy of fundraising & social communications, strategic planning in development for various NGO leaders and students in B-schools, high schools and colleges.